RhythmWorks is dedicated to providing high quality entertainment for  a wide range of events including:

                       Wine Festivals

                                     Corporate  Events


                                                                Bar Mitzvahs


We provide groups that perform a variety of music styles.  Check out our artist list.


Publishing, Recording and Quality Entertainment

P.O. Box 9354

Albuquerque, NM 87119-9354

To contact us:

Phone: (505) 232-9499

E-mail: rhythm@rhythmworks.org

Great News!  The new “Louie’s Groove “radio mix” is set up for release! Keep your ears open for it on your local smooth jazz radio station.  We will also be updating our gig page soon, if you have a favorite haunt that has live music, be sure to mention NY Louie & Friends, The Jazz Pack, and Lumina to the manager.

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